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falling in love with my smile: whitening for sensitive teeth

Feb 28, 2020

Hiya friends,

I’m really excited to tell you something I’ve been doing the past few months that has truly boosted my confidence and literally brought a brighter smile to my face!

If you didn’t know me as a child, you probably wouldn’t know that I’ve always been very self-conscious about my smile. As a kid, I had a severe overbite. I got called every nickname, from beaver to bucky. Obviously, getting teased is never fun, but I got through it. I got braces around the age of 14, and, by 16, my overbite was fixed and I had a new-found confidence in my teeth. By the time I got to college, however, I was very aware of how dingy my teeth looked. Braces had definitely taken their toll on the color and brightness of my smile.

Throughout college, I tried the typical drugstore whitening strip method to attempt to get my teeth to a brighter, whiter place, and while they may have helped slightly, I feel like they were never an easy option or an option that kept my teeth whiter for more than a couple months. I also developed sensitivity in my teeth that made the whitening strips uncomfortable, and even painful at times. The last time I tried any teeth whitening methods was right before my wedding in 2016. After that, I decided my smile was “good enough” and not something I wanted to dedicate any more time, money, or pain to. 

As much as I tried not to think about it, any time I saw a photo of myself, which is pretty often as a blogger, my teeth were always something I noticed about myself, but I really wasn’t sure what to do to move forward. Then a few months ago, I was given the opportunity to partner with Smile Brilliant and try their teeth whitening system. Initially hesitant because of my past experiences, I took the time to really look into Smile Brilliant, their company, whitening program, and reviews. Then, with confidence, I decided this opportunity was finally my chance to show myself a little self-love and do something to make me fall in love with my smile.

The Process

Please note: The process of using Smile Brilliant, overall, was very good. I would never recommend something that I didn’t get good results with, but I can fully recommend Smile Brilliant. I also started this product at just a few weeks postpartum, so I made sure to consult with and get approval from my doctor before starting, and I always recommend you do the same when starting a new product.


The first step to starting the teeth whitening process was to answer a few questions regarding my teeth’s history. This is where I let them know that I have sensitive teeth and that I had braces when I was younger. Based on this, we decided to go with the Sensitive Teeth Whitening Kit, which includes desensitizing gel to use after each whitening session. Within a few days, I got my package from Smile Brilliant with a kit that had everything included to start the process!


Next, I made molds of my teeth (super simple step-by-step instructions) and sent them back in a pre-paid envelope to Smile Brilliant. The molds are used to make custom teeth trays, specifically made for your teeth. No matter what your teeth look like, no matter if you have a permanent retainer on your bottom teeth (ahem, me), these trays are customized to you. I was able to send in photos of my molds to make sure I had done them correctly, too! (An extra tub of the mold is provided should you mess up.)


After about a week or so, I received my custom whitening trays and I was able to start the process right away with Smile Brilliant’s premium teeth whitening gel and their desensitizing gel. I gradually increased the length of my whitening sessions from 45 mins to 2-3 hours (you can whiten up to 3 hours/ day). I rarely, if ever, experienced any sensitivity.

One of the best parts about the Smile Brilliant system, to me, is that you can basically use it whenever because the trays stay in place so well! I usually opted to do my whitening in the evening after the girls had gone to bed. I pop them in and then don’t think about them during the whole whitening session. I can clean, shower, write on the blog, watch a few episodes of FRIENDS— whatever! They stay in so well and still allow you to talk normally, the only reason my husband and I can even tell I have them in is because of the little bitty lisp the trays give you (which hubby says is cute LOL).


From that point on, I almost instantly started seeing results— and those results got better and better each time I whitened. I even started drinking more coffee (#momoftwoprobs) during this time and was still seeing results.

I was also super impressed by the fact that the whitening wasn’t making my teeth sensitive. I could whiten two days in a row and not worry that my teeth would be in pain following two consecutive days of use.

[One thing I will mention, I would not start this process during flu season LOL. But really, I, unfortunately, had to stop whitening my teeth on three different occasions due to illness, the flu, etc., so it took me a little longer than expected. You can still whiten when you’re ill, but with coughing and sore throats, I decided not to.]


I’m so happy with the results I have gotten using the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. I truly feel like I now have a natural-looking, bright, white smile that I have been striving for since my college days. The process works, was easy, and, importantly, is, in my opinion, affordable for the quality product you’re getting. And, now that I already have trays, I can order more whitening & desensitizing gel refills whenever I feel I need a refresh. I’m so ready to go out and #smilefearlessly!



Interested in trying out Smile Brilliant for yourself? Shop here and get 15% off storewide using my code “thewindycitymama15” on your order! You’ll be glad you did!


I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to give away a FREE SMILE BRILLIANT TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM to one of my followers!


Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me for this post! I’m so in love with my brighter, whiter smile! Happy whitening to all of you!

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