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my favorite maternity styles: bottoms

Sep 11, 2019

Hiya loves,

So I was reading this blog the other day that was written by a girl who basically never wore maternity clothes while she was pregnant. She was able to use a couple of little hacks that adjusted her normal clothing throughout her pregnancy. I WISH I was able to do that… but that has not been the case with either pregnancy. In both cases, after just a few months, I was already bumping too much to be comfortable in my jeans. Now, I do prefer high-waisted jeans, so maybe that’s probably a factor, as this girl did mention just sizing up in low rise jeans, but during both pregnancies, it did not take that long before my pants were too snug for me to wear. Tops I was able to work with for a bit longer, but by the 20+ week mark, I was needing to size up or get maternity in those, too.

My one saving grace this summer as been being able to still fit in my light-weight, flowy summer dresses for the most part. Because let’ be honest, nobody really wants to wear pants in the summer, anyways. Unfortunately, it was not prime summer weather when I first needed to start transitioning over to maternity bottoms, so I was able to find some pieces I really love that have gone from spring to summer and will work right into fall before Isla arrives.

My first maternity purchase this time around were my Mama Denim Overalls from H&M. I was definitely not filling them out as well at first as I am now, but they are amazing quality denim for the price and can transition easily through the seasons. I got one size up from my normal pre-pregancy size.

My second purchase was my Madewell Distressed jeans. They are a lighter wash, which was great for spring. They are not over-the-belly, just a stretchable waistband. I prefer that type of waistband while belly still isn’t huge. I sized up one from my normal jean size but probably would’ve been a tad more comfortable sizing up 2 sizes. These exact jeans are sold out, but Madewell has lots of great maternity options available!

Once it started getting warmer, I realized that in my last pregnancy, I didn’t acquire very many pairs of shorts, as I wasn’t my largest during the summer months. So I went over to Destination Martnity one day and stocked up on a couple basic items. I got a pair of distressed over-the-belly jean shorts, some classic black jersey leggings (both full length and capri length) and a pair of capri length Sam Edelman over-the-belly jeans that I rolled up to hit around my calf area (LOVE THESE).

Sam Edelman maternity jeans

My most recent purchases were a few more pairs of shorts. First, I got a pair of sage linen shorts from Old Navy that I originally ordered to go over my swimsuit, but ended up wanting to live in them all the time! They are still available in some colors and sizes. Then I got a pair of white denim maternity shorts from good ole Target, which are also in low stock, but of course, Target has lots of great maternity bottom options!

Hopefully, this post will help you if you’re looking for some maternity options because regular bottoms don’t work for you either!

xx, the windy city mama

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my favorite maternity styles: bottoms

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