take me out to the ballgame: Wrigley Field

Jun 4, 2019

What a view!

Today, I wanted to share some fun, family-friendly tips about one of my favorite places in the world…

On Monday, we headed over to Wrigley Field to catch a game against the Angels that was rained out back in April. You may not know this about me, but I’ve been a Chicago Cubs fan basically my whole life. My dad loves the Cubs, I love the Cubs, I married a man who loves the Cubs, and the city we live in is the home of the Cubs! With that said, it should come as no surprise that we have already taken our 17-month-old daughter to seven Cubs games.

Her first game was when she was about five months old, since then she’s been to Wrigley five times and Fenway Park in Boston! The first trip to the ballpark is alway a little nerve-wracking, as any new experience with a baby can be, but after some research and preparation, our visit to the Friendly Confines went great! So, I figured I would share some of the family-friendly things that made, and continue to make our trips to Wrigley enjoyable!


First off, if you plan on spending time before or after the game exploring Wrigleyville and want to bring a stroller, a great tip to know is that the Cubs provide a stroller-check area underneath the Addison Red Line stop. Workers supervise the area (also used as a bike check) so your stroller stays safe and sound, and it’s less than a block back to the field. We use the Uppababy Vista with the Rumbler seat (perfect for naptime) on our days out in Wrigleyville, and then utilize our Ergobaby 360 carrier between stroller check and the field. If we just come for the game and aren’t doing much walking, we just use the Ergo.


If your baby is new to the ballpark and loud noises, I highly recommend bringing a pair of baby earmuffs. We used Banz for the first couple of games (and a Blackhawks game!) and they worked great, and Ivy now is totally comfortable in the atmosphere without them, though they still work great if nap time is coming up.


Wrigley has great accommodations for families within the park, too! You’re able to bring in anything you need for your baby and just get your bag searched at the gate. You can even wear your baby through security, super easy. Family restrooms are available throughout the concessions areas, but in my opinion, the BEST part is the Advocate Health Care First Aid Station behind home plate concessions! Inside, you’ll find a nursing room, perfect for nursing, pumping or napping tots (or a perfect escape in A/C on a hot summer afternoon) and two changing tables! There is also a full staff waiting to help with anything you may need, including holding your little one so you can use the restroom. (Trust me, it’s the little things that mean the most…)

Ivy in front of the ivy!

Today during our visit, the line to the family restroom was rather long, so I went to the AHC First Aid Station, instead. There was no wait and lots of helping hands. I was able to change Ivy and a kind worker kept her distracted while I went to the restroom. I came out and Ivy had made a new best friend and didn’t want to leave. It’s so reassuring and refreshing to know these amenities are there if we need them!


Another great feature that I’ve yet to utilize is the new lactation pod, a private suite that lets women nurse their babies or use a breast pump while attending a game/concert/etc. The Mamava pod, located near Gate 4 on the left field concourse, debuted in May and is labled “Mother’s Room – A Quiet Little Den for You and Your Cub.” The lockable, freestanding room features two benches, a table, a charging station and an outlet for plugging in a breast pump. I can’t wait to try out the pod when baby two gets here!

Well, that’s my list of helpful, family-friendly faves available at Wrigley that are sure to help make your trip to the field as fun and easy as ours!

[COVID UPDATES: Hello friends! We attended a Cubs game on Memorial Day, so I wanted to update you on how it was at Wrigley with TWO little ones this time. Much was the same as it was prior to the pandemic. We were able to bring in a diaper bag that was searched when we went in– we brought our own snacks, drinks, etc. Children 2 and under are still free if they sit on your lap.

One new service we discovered what that if your child has a sensitivity to sounds (like Ivy does), you can rent headphones to help with the noise at Fan Services. We usually bring Ivy’s, but we decided to go last minute and totally forgot them. I love that they had headphones available.]

Enjoy your time at Wrigley! Go Cubs!

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take me out to the ballgame: Wrigley Field

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