about me

I’ve lived in small-town USA for my whole life. I’ve never dealt with bumper-to-bumper traffic, only making it two miles in 30 minutes, not being able to find parking or having a Starbucks every few blocks, but now I’m living in the Windy City with my husband, daughters, and our fur baby and embracing it all as everyday life. In just the last few years, life’s changed drastically. Between three moves (apartment, condo, house), new jobs, a wedding, a puppy, two¬†beautiful baby girls, and so many other things, life gets hectic. There are crazy days, dirty dishes, and to-do lists that don’t always get done, but every day is a day to learn, grow, and enjoy every new experience. This city is the perfect city for the goals and aspirations we’ve set for ourselves, but we know that means facing certain challenges along the way. Being a young family in the city can be hard, but the benefits make it all worth it. So, for now, we’ll take it day-by-day, roll with the punches, and figure it out as we go. I hope this blog helps to inspire other young parents taking on city life. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

the windy city mama xx


Photograph Credit: Hunter Berry Photography