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my pregnancy must-haves​

Sep 4, 2019

My Boppy pregnancy pillow and wedge have been lifesavers!

Hi lovlies,

These are the gummies from my first trimester, still using the same brand, just not the gummies version!

Sometimes when you are pregnant, things get overwhelming. What is the best prenatal vitamin? Where can I get a comfortable, yet affordable body pillow? What brands are best?…okay, so not sometimes, almost all of the time. There is so much that comes along with pregnancy, mainly prepping for baby, that sometimes it’s just nice to have a little guide for the “mommy stuff” that you need, but might not be as high on your priority list to research as baby’s bassinet or a pack-n-play. Here are some of my pregnancy essentials that have become my main “must-have” items during both of my pregnancies.

#1. Prenatal Vitamins: During my first pregnancy, I just used some generic store brand prenatal vitamin, which I think worked fine, but during my second pregnancy I did more research and found a prenatal with Iron & Folate. I used the Premama Prenatal Vitamin Gummie during my first trimeste but recently switched to their normal prenatal vitamin.

#2. Pregnancy Pillow: I’ve used the same Bobby Pregnancy Pillow through both of my pregnancies, as well as the Boppy Wedge. I know there are SO many pregnancy pillow options, but I love the Boppy brand, including their Newborn Lounger & Nursing Pillow.

#3. Back Support Belt: During my first pregancy, I had a lot of lower back pain, and my OB recommended getting a back support band. I got the Upsie Belly® pregnancy support band to help provide belly and back support where and when I need it most. It really saved me during the last few months of pregnancy.

Gin-Gins can be SPICY, just an FYI if you’re a baby like me when it comes to spice.

#4. Maternity Shapewear: If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with your changing body, then maternity shapewear might be for you. Pregnancy is hard on our bodies, but it can also be hard on your self-esteem, too, when your body starts changing in ways you aren’t used to. When I found myself not feeling as comfortable in dresses or tighter clothes, I found a pair of highly recommended maternity shapewear shorts and LOVE THEM. Now, I am by no means saying you should feel uncomfortable, but if you’re like me, it was something I really didn’t have control over, and now I feel much more confident in my clothes.

#5. Morning Sickness Products: I tried so many things to help with my morning sickness, but I came to the conclusion that the only thing that even slightly helped was ginger, mainly ginger tea. Peach ginger teas are my favorite, so I tried Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea and ended up really liking it! I also would suck on ginger candies called Gin-Gins, occasionally. I know ginger definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but if you haven’t tried it, I would give it a shot!

#6. Compression Socks: It’s no secret, you swell when you’re pregnant. To help with the swelling and discomfort that can come with it, compression socks are always a good idea to help with your circulation and the swelling in your feet.

Smells SO good!

#7. Body/Stretch Mark Lotion: I have been very fortunate when it comes to stretch marks. I used Body Boost Stretch Mark Butter during my first pregnancy and never got stretch marks. I have been using it in my second pregnancy, too, but have gotten a couple of small stretch marks. Nothing major, though! I used the Milk & Honey scent, but it also comes in Lavender!

#8. Comfy Pajamas: Last, but not least, make sure you have some super comfy jammies and loungewear! I have been loving the Stars Above™ brand from Target! My nightgown is so soft and comfy to sleep or just chill on the sofa in. I also got a long-sleeve/pant set that I have packed in my hospital bag for post-delivery!

Those would have to be my top “must-have” items. If I discover any more during my last few weeks of pregnancy, I will be sure to update the list. I hope that some of these items can help you during your pregnancy, too!

xx, the windy city mama


p.s. Two other things to always keep in your bag are… 1.) a travel size mouth wash and 2.) some extra unmentionables. Trust me. Morning sickness and sneezing whilst pregnant is no joke.

p.p.s. I am not a doctor, so please consult with a physician before using any of these products for you or your baby.

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my pregnancy must-haves​

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