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pre-birthday try-on:​ Target

Aug 17, 2019

Hiya friends!

As promised, here are the different looks I tried on at Target last night while I was on my pre-birthday, baby-free, solo Target run! My objective was to just try a few things on to see how I liked them and what sizes I needed, then buy them later… but I’d say that plan worked about 50%. I also reeeeally wanted to get a dress for my birthday, which I was successful in doing! So yay!

P.S. I found the cutest earrings that I was wearing through this whole try-on, but you just can’t see them the best. They’re linked here. I got my normal size in most of the items, with the exception of a couple that I sized up in so I can wear them more comfortably with bump!

Tee (XL)| Skirt (S)

I love this look! Wearing a skirt over bump with a tee has been trending for a couple months now, and I honestly really enjoy this style! Super easy and comfortable! The floral pattern is only available in-store.

Honeycomb Cardigan (S)| Top (M) | Leggings (S/M)

This look was SO cozy! The cardigan comes in several colors and is extremely soft. The boat neck top has 3/4 length sleeves and is soft and stretches very well over bump!

Dress (L)

Okay, I fell in LOVE with this dress. I wasn’t sure I would, but I did. Originally, I tried on a small (pictured, HA) and it was too tight and too short, but there was no medium in the store…so I took a chance and went with the large, and it was great. Comfy, roomy, flowy. Everyone go buy this dress.

Jacket (S)| Tee (XL)| Leggings (S/M)

I have been loving the band tee trend lately. I usually wear them with a skirt and tie it above bump, but I decided to size up in this one so I could wear it normal. I also fell in love with this jacket. I told myself I was not going to buy any coats because it is still so hot out every day, but I needed this one. Of all the items, I probably recommend the dress and this jacket most!

Kimono Sweater (S)| Henley (M) | Leggings (S/M)

I loved this combo! I didn’t realize when I picked up this sweater that the sleeves were shorter and it was “kimono” style, but I think it will be a great transitional piece for fall! The colors are also beautiful. The henley was soft, stretchy and covered bump very comfortably. This color was also on sale in my store!

Blazer (6)| Tee (XL)

Who doesn’t love a good blazer? This one immediately caught my eye. I think it could be dressed up for work or down with jeans for a night out. I wasn’t digging the way it was laying over bump, but post-baby I might just have to go back for it! The plaid color is only available in-store.

Leather Moto Jacket (S)

I think a good faux-leather Moto jacket is a staple piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe. I recently decided to replace mine after having it since COLLEGE. I think this one might be a top competitor, but I’m going to stay on the hunt until the weather is a little cooler.

Plaid Top (M) | Leggings (S/M)

If it were cooler out, I probably would’ve added this to my cart too, but I feel like it’s just a tad too soon for flannel, but come September…give me all the flannel and pumpkin spice. This one was soft and stretched well over bump.

Denim Jacket (S)

I have also been looking to trade in my favorite denim jacket that I have also been shamelessly wearing since college. I saw another blogger try this one on and was instantly hooked. After seeing it in person, I still like it, but wasn’t sure if the fading was my favorite…so I decided to wait on this one, too. Definitely check this one out in person if you are looking for a good, quality denim jacket!

Those were all the looks I tried on! The pink tee and leggings are what I wore to the store, but I ended put getting the:

The Perfect Birthday Dress!
  • Honeycomb Cardigan & Striped Boat Neck Tee
  • Rolling Stones Tee & Camo Jacket
  • Kimono Sweater & Henley
  • Leopard Mini Dress (BIRTHDAY DRESS!!)

Hope you enjoyed my try-on! Please let me know if you have any questions about colors or sizing! All of the items are linked below the original photo.

I will do an Insta video try-on soon at home showing y’all the cute stuff I got!

xx, the windy city mama

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pre-birthday try-on:​ Target

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